Tuesday, September 3, 2013


We are entering a new era for our family.  preSCHOOL.  My sweet little guys have the opportunity to go 'for prestool' as James would say, and we are so excited to watch them grow & learn.  It has been a little bit hard for mommy to give them up some, but I think it's been good practice for all thus far.

My little buddies were so excited about their backpacks that they set up a 'bus' & got on so they could 'go for prestool'.  They had just watched a video of their older cousins getting on the school bus for Kindergarten & 2nd grade!  ;-)

We went for a tour & open house at the school with our neighbors & buddies.  Best part = they have a friend in each of their classes.  So good to begin a new journey with a friend.

Mommy had the boys practice 'school lunch' with their lunch boxes & snack bags so they wouldn't throw away anything important!  but also so we could make sure I didn't forget anything...  honestly I wasn't super excited about packing the lunch, but then I was a little sad to not have my boy at home for lunch all the time!  sometimes giving up helps you cherish though.

Our big guy James on his first day.  I didn't cry (too much) dropping him off.  Gosh it.is.hard. to let go (even just a little).

Hayden on his first day - and the o'le pro James with his 'too cool for school' in the background.  Mommy isn't giving this guy up very much, but when he gets to go too he really loves getting to do the same as big brother.  It hasn't been too hard on him missing James, but I'm hoping for some time to just have more attention for my Hayden bug this year.

Oh, preschool, my boy learned how to fasten his button on his shorts!!  just took them one day - mommy had been trying for months!  Why is it that some lessons are just easier to learn from others?  That is a funny thing about this life.  I'm hoping and praying that the lessons he continues to learn from others can help him grow into the man he can be - just as much as the lessons he learns at home from his mom & dad.

I'm so excited to see how much he grows over the year... he's already recognizing more of his alphabet letters & I am so proud to have the front row seat to see his mind expanding.

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