Thursday, September 5, 2013

a goal.

living life with a goal sometimes makes even the hottest, muggiest, weariest morning into one where I actually go out for a run.  My big guy in preschool gives me the small window of opportunity where I can take my double jogger out with my middle & little guys, and I can get my run in.  Does it feel a little crazy compared to my preferred activity of having-a-cup-of-coffee and reading-my-devotional?  Yes.

But something about having a small goal in a world where so much of the time is spent in the tasks of family life feels so refreshing.  Very little of how I spend my time can be evaluated or measured.  Mothering my children is one of the greatest blessings in my life & I can't image doing anything else while my children are still in diapers.  However, taking some time to get out & be active is more than just 'me time'.  I think that showing my boys that momma can be athletic is cool.  I think that they LOVE going on runs, but I'm not sure really why.  I think maybe its as good for them as it is for me.  Peace & QUIET & solitude.

Beauty all around us & time for my mind to just function uninterrupted.

I am writing this during a week off from running.  Between family in town & getting my house put back to normal & weekend plans, I just didn't have the guts to go out in the heat of the 4-5 pm opportunity that I had.  I'm looking forward to more Fall weather, more time to get out & run, and more nights of good sleep to boost my confidence & strength.

Thank you Lord for the health & fitness & opportunity to run.  Thank you for the peace of mind & body that comes from a little solitude during our chaotic, toddler days.  Thank you for the satisfaction in the accomplishment of a small goal.  Thank you for providing me encouragement from friends, near & far.  Thank you for using it Lord, to build me up.


  1. you go girl. i've been doing walks in the AM in sept & loving it... fresh air + Jesus + the babes love it too like ya said. maybe mine will evolve into a jog. ha. checkout IOH TEAM website!!! if ya really get into running more...

    1. I'm excited to see where this running can go... seems like it can be used for many good things, outside of myself! ;-) Thanks friend.