Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I love watching my boys play Super Hayden & Super James and zooooooom around and around and around....

I love watching my boys enJOY each other as they play.  I love how amazingly TALL James looks & how TINY Calvin looks.

I love my naked Hayden telling me to stop taking his picture when he's got the playroom to himself & all momma's attention.

I love how cute Hayden looks with bangs.  It has taken his hair a long time to come in all the way... I think we are still waiting!

I love Calvin's little old man mullet.

I love how my hubs can push all 3 of his boys in the buggy.

I love all these waving hands.

I love little faces pressed to the glass watching dolphins swim.

I love eyes full of wonder.

I love fresh hair cuts.  These 2 faces, so many things to love, to be counted as blessing, gift.  Thank you Lord for your gifts, you are good.  so good.

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