Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Oh happy day Calvin!!  Your brothers are so happy for you to be 4 months old.  ;-)

You and your daddy get to have little chats now that you're 4 months.

'yeah, I can hold my head up.'

'I roll over all the time now.'

'My brothers make me laugh'

'My fingers & toes really taste great'

My.little.buddy.  4 month old check up: 15 lbs 1 oz & 26 inches long!!  I'm going to have to pack up your 3-6 month size clothes already & I could just cry!  I'm so glad you are growing 'big&big' as James would say.  Keep up the good work buddy - and if you can, please go back to sleeping through the night?  This new skill of rolling over & all this growin' is really keeping you up at night apparently.  But these days are going by fast enough already, so take your time buddy.  ;-)

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