Wednesday, September 25, 2013


My 5.month.old baby.  

He seriously is the cutest thing.  such a quiet little guy- easy going & happy.  He gave me a run for my money this past month by NOT sleeping through the night anymore but instead waking every 2-3 hours.  Oh.Baby.Boy.

I had to put my boy in his two piece pjs & almost cried.  He's so cute in them, but its just so hard to pack up baby clothes with no expectation to use them again.  I'm so grateful that he's growing & healthy, so I have remembered to count those blessings.  and that helps.

I cannot tell you how fun it is to have two of my boys match in their pjs.  James & Hayden get such a kick out of it when they have matching pjs, but its preciously cute to have Hayden & Calvin matching.  Makes.mommy.happy.

He is really enjoying his jumper.  His big bros love showing him all the toys he can play with & he can watch them as they play trains & cars & blocks.

little Cal in working on his push up & has started to roll over, & over, & over...  I can't be sure that he'll stay where I put him to play anymore.

This baby & his bath time.  he loves it.  and he's just really.cute.

Little.Bro.  My favorite thing: watching your baby giggles when your big brothers try to make you smile.  Love how it makes them laugh, and you laugh, and them laugh...  seriously though: James (and Hayden too, but less often) won't let you sit and cry.  He is determined to take care of 'his baby'.  He asked me the other morning to let go of you, so he could 'rock his baby'.  haha, he just adores you.  And Hayden won't be left out- either James is just setting a great example, or he enjoys trying to take care of you too.  No paci is left unattended around big bro Hayden! ..."here ya go mommy..."

Can you please sleep maybe as a 5 month old??  ;-)

Smiley baby, you light up my life.  and I'm crazy curious to see how BIG you are! **dropped in at the pediatrician to get a weight & you were 16 lbs 9 oz with your clothes & wet diaper on, so I'm going to call it 16 lbs, 5 oz for fun.  ;-)

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