Monday, June 10, 2013


Ray Lamontagne singing, "I wanna hold you in my arms" has been the sweetest tune to me while I rock this baby boy morning, noon & night.  I have no idea what the rest of the song says, and I'm not the least bit bothered by the obvious romantic overtones.

I could hold you forever.

I think everyone feels that way about you buddy.  Just wanna hold you in my arms.

You did great for your 2 week check up.  9lbs 1 oz and I was amazed.

You did throw mommy&daddy for a loop though.  Around week 3 you got a heat rash. :-( In my defense, see the temperatures for the day.  Silly mommy kept you all wrapped up and when it hit the heat of the day you were obviously not in need of the hat, blanket, or swaddle.  Poor guy - didn't even hit 80 degrees and you got heat rash.

I thought it was just really bad baby acne, because it was what they call prickly heat rash which looks like pimples and shows up on your face as opposed to places covered in clothes like normal heat rash.

So I took you to the dr, and he said it was something else.  We treated you for that, and you had an allergic reaction to the cream he prescribed.  Luckily for us, we got in to see a Pediatric Dermatologist, and she could help us solve our mystery.  Some strong cortisone and you healed right up.  My poor baby.  As you can see, I still didn't know it was heat rash, and had a light weight blanket over you. :-(

But, my sweet boy, you forgave me & smiled sweet smiles in your sleep.  And I quit trying to keep you warm enough, because obviously you are a warm blooded boy.  You still got heat rash even in just a onsie (but of course you are prone to it now).

Your face cleared up just enough for me to get a picture of you for your 1 month mark.  poor baby.  I am so thankful for my heat sensitive fella.

1 month old - 10 lbs 3 oz & growing fast!  loosing your 'newborn look' but boy, little boy, did we soak it in as much as we could.

*****For those looking this up as infant prickly heat rash, these pictures are filtered.  The rash was more red and pimply than it appears in the image.  I just hated taking photos of it.  It was on his cheeks, forhead, chin, and shoulders.  The initial diagnosis was for a similar fungal rash related to cradle cap, and prescription was for an anti-fungal.  He had an allergic reaction to one application of it, and his face was as red as a tomato, raised rash & hot to the touch.  It was awful, and we saw the pediatric dermatologist next, who prescribed a 2.5% hydrocortisone for it.  The cortisone heals the heat rash as well.*****

***Because this post has continued to get hits for 'infant prickly heat rash' I thought it may be helpful to see unfiltered pictures.***

Heat Rash is supposed to go away after you cool down, but this one was persistent, and our baby was so little, that we went to the pediatrician. 
This was how it looked at the dr's office.  Worse, raised & hot to the touch.  Started to have some white scales as you see on his chin. We were worried.

This was what it looked like after one application of the anti-fungal.  Raised, red rash.  Very hot to the touch, awful to look at.  Broke our hearts.  Our Pediatrician guessed it was a rash akin to 'cradle cap' on his face, which is fungal.  We went back to the Pediatrician immediately, and were referred to the Pediatric Dermatologist. 
After seeing the Pediatric Dermatologist, and one application of a strong Hydro-cortizone cream.  The rash turned brown and began to thicken, sort of scab like, until it healed.  My poor baby.  The Dermatologist told us to use the hydro-cortizone cream if we saw the heat rash again.  Our baby has 'contact allergy' or 'touch allergy' & many mild things will give him an allergic reaction.  Sun screen or too much sun or heat for example.

I hope this information from our experience has been helpful to you!  I am in no way a medical person, just a mom.

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