Tuesday, June 4, 2013

and so it begins...

5 days old.  Oh how tiny you were my baby boy.  Amazingly & mercifully, my prayers were answered and you were not as big as your big bro Hayden at birth - the Lord gave me exactly what I asked for, a little, tiny babe, for just a little while.  Never mind my bleary eyes... ;-)

you precious thing.  This was the hat I picked out for you to wear home, and you wore it almost non-stop for weeks until you got heat rash (bad mommy).  Aunt Natassja passed us this sleeper gown & I.love.it.  One of my favorites - and the blanket your bros both used.  nothing sweeter than baby nostalgia.

my 3rd little duck.  This was your bro Hayden's, but it is the.perfect.onsie. for you my dear.  'Follow the leader"...!

1st bath & you were a little upset... but you 'warmed up' to bath time & love it now.

your bros were pretty good for this transition time in our lives.  We had lots of help from Grammy & Mimi which kept their attention needs filled.

Mommy just had to hang out and enjoy this face.

First good picture of Daddy & his 3 little boys.  Calvin - 6 days old.

Mommy's first time doing all.3.boys. by myself.  How sweet it is to be your momma.  You wear me out fellas, but it is so worth it.

Your.brothers.adore.you.  I cannot tell you how much they just loved you every second they got.  I had to hold you down so they could see you & kiss your head & tell you, "hiiiii baby Calvin!!"  It has never gotten old.

sleeping like a baby.  You did this sometimes.  ;-)

and when you would sleep during afternoon naps, my world felt soo still & peaceful.  Sometimes I slept, but other times I just sat & enjoyed the quiet.minutes.  How many times will I have 3 sleeping babies?  I think that number is very small.

Your Mimi mostly had her hands full of the 'big boys' but she did get to steal some quiet minutes with you when they were in bed.

10 days old.  tiny little man.

Amazing how in 10 days you can change soo much.

never gets old.

 I got to start signing your name on all our thank you cards... our family of 5.  So glad to have you in it.

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