Tuesday, June 4, 2013

water&sand, sand&surf

big bros have been in need of some activities while we are home bodies for a while.  I have been so proud of their swimming this summer!  I can't believe my little James going all over the pool, and it.floors.me. to watch Hayden swimming, alone. (with his sammy on of course).  He even protests when you try to help, "stooop daddy, stooop."  The fearless one: Hayden.

Just check him out.  I will chuckle at this for many years & it will fill my heart with the memories of his chubby toddler years.

Daddy wanted to give the boys a sandbox, so he built one.  What a great gift for mommy too - these boys. in one place. for an extended period of time. not watching a movie. haha.

and mommy gets some sunshine & stillness.  We live in a beautiful place.

Ole Cal who wont sleep on his own anymore - 2.5 weeks old until probably 6 weeks (now, I'm being optimistic).  Thank goodness for the happy wrap.  My mother's day gift from Calvin.  ;-)

my.view.from.my.seat = bliss

my list of gifts is growing&growing.  What relief for a bone-tired-weary momma to have a chance for the heart to swell full of joy.  Recounting the tasks completed, the ones to do, the superheroes chased, the music sung, a sleeping babe, and sand.  Once I start I really could go on & on.  and it reminds me how even though it feels HARD it is so.sweet.to.taste. this life of mine.  and it goes well with a cup of coffee.  ;-)

sand&surf.  These boys love the beach.

Calvin's first trip = 3.5 weeks old.

amazing to see how big they are getting.  I am dumbfounded.

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