Tuesday, June 11, 2013


these three. we are learning.  hilariously, just getting in the car feels like an accomplishment.  photo worthy even.  ;-)

and even our evening walk is... exciting.  James wanted to push his baby bro, so he ditched his trike & middle bro stole it for a ride.  So here we were: boys, wagon, stroller, dog, trike.  Should we consider ourselves some kind of procession?! haha

my.boys.  Lovin' on their baby bro.  Everytime he comes in the room, they say, "hiii baby Calvin!!" "mom, can I see Calvin??"  These moments are not alway very convenient, but they are so worth the time it takes to stop, and get on their level, and let them just be little, together.

all three monkeys in our bed.  "let's all tuck in"

We have had our moments.  were we lose or patience. our tempers. and have our own tantrums, myself included.

But our sweet, handsome, crazy, smart, funny, wild, precious little boys always found a way of reminding us how blessed we are to be in the midst of this stage of 3 little boys 3 years old and under...

Trying to remember HOW LITTLE they are. and how quickly they change.

But we'll keep smiling (and frowning) through all our hard, wonderful, exhausting, precious days.

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