Sunday, July 22, 2012


James was sitting on the couch with us & sheepy and decalred, "he's beautiful mommy, he's beautiful!"

Sheepy, you are beautiful.  Should you become more shabby than this, we can look back to your 'beauty' ;-)

In your honor sheepy, a little tribute.  Here you are brand new, with your little family we got for James' nursery room.

James has taken you on many adventures, and many more to come I'm sure... whale riding...

hanging out/snuggling with Riley...

Even balancing with Daddy when you were just a little guy.  what a good 'lovie' you are!

Sheepy has helped in many stressful situations too.  ;-)

haha, couldn't help myself.  Sheepy is pretty much one of the family.  Hopefully Hayden will love his 'lovie' as much as you have.

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  1. Can totally relate with "lovie" or in our house, we call it "binky". It has been such a lifesaver! And it too is looking pretty rough over these last 2 1/2 years and I sometimes wonder if it will be going with my daughter to college one day! ; ) I enjoy your blog! You have a beautiful family, Brie!