Tuesday, July 10, 2012

lake time with a few of my FAVs

I felt like I had won the lottery.  I got to go to the lake, with a Bible study leader of mine (who I wish I could be when I grow up) & one of my favorite people (who I also wish I could be when I grow up ;-)

My boys got to hang out with Grady & Jude = awesome.  But, best part of the day, the 'big la-dee' which is what James calls, big water.  I am now totally re-enamored with living at the lake.

my little water bug.

Mere + 4 boys.  You are amazing.

little guys are sweet.

even when they have shoes on their faces.

you guys are growing up too fast.  unbelievable/crazy/awesome/sweet/adorable

fun fact: my boys love dogs.  James wanted to ride him. haha

 I am so glad to have the chance to spend time with women that I respect/admire/look up to.  I am truly blessed to know you and grateful to call you friend.  Few things in life are more precious than sisters-in-Christ who push me towards Him.  Thank you.

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