Friday, July 20, 2012

Loving the Little Years

I have to pass on this book title and highly recommend it. HIGHLY.  If you have little kids, you should read this.  Such a quick and easy read- but resonates so deep.

How true- isn't it easy to think, 'if only I could have my coffee, this would be better'.  Gotta stop fussing myself.

The feeling of being 'overwhelmed'.  I don't have twins or 5 kids 5 and under, like the author, but I have struggled with feeling overwhelmed some days.  This is how she decided not to use the word overwhelmed, anymore.

Prayer to 'absorb' the chaos- the be the diffusing force in situations that seem to be spiraling out of control.  And encouragement to find the right times to get my own perspective right, so I CAN face the debacles with confidence, patience, and grace.

 Ecclesiastes 5:19.

Thanks for this book friend.  I am going to read it again.

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