Friday, July 20, 2012

simple things.

Simple things in life- milestones: Hayden moving up to size 12-18 month size clothes.  He just looks so grown up.  Something about it just makes me all fluttery.  I didn't think his other clothes had gotten quite too small, but the new ones seem to fit just a little too well. haha.  this momma has to let go- haha.

Milestone: James can count now & do shapes.  He never ceases to surprise me when he does it though. He's gotten so good at counting to two, he just comes right to the point.  This was him showing me, "Two squares."  seriously??  He sees circles, triangles, and ovals pretty often.  But this was one of the first times he's shown me squares.  wow.

Milestone: Monkey Joes.  James can now do all the blow up slides and obstacle courses there.  and little  Hayden really enjoyed himself- he loves to bounce just while sitting up- so he thought the bouncy castle was awesome.

Milestone: James has quite the sense of humor.  He says now on a daily basis, "that's funny Mommy, that's funny!"  This was him lining up the bug toys his Grammy gave him on his leg in the car.  "Bugs on my leg mommy, that's funny!"  I told him I was going to take him picture, he says, "cheese bugs, cheese!!"  what a goof.  I love it.

Milestone: organization?  James has lined up his trucks now for a while, but this was new.  same cracker, different images, lined up in rows.  I was pretty impressed.

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