Thursday, May 10, 2012


My beach bum.  His curls got serious with the humidity- this boy is so much fun.

There we go, Cheese!!

what could be better than a truck and the beach?  wow.  Seeing James really get to explore and let his imagination run free was... amazing.  He's really beginning to play- to create- to become so much more independent.  What a wild, untamed joy & determination & passion he possesses.  Toddler years- filled with extreme emotion: incredible happiness followed by extreme disappointment demonstrated in fitful tears.  But, I'll take him any day.  " please... help please... help please...." James' favorite phrase.

My boys.  Didn't have any expectation that they would actually sit for this.  Pretty stunned actually.  Hopeful for the future of their photos, as the past has been bleak. haha.  My sandy, sun kissed boys.

could just eat them up.

who's happy?  maybe beach bliss?? haha

Looking a little more alike these days...  such cuties.

family photo :-)

we love you beach.  We miss you already.

James running... wild abandon.  arms outstretched like he was flying...

a little more beach time with baby Jack & his mommy.  Loved getting to see y'all- enjoying the time was get to spend together & wishing for more!

aah. yes.

James became suddenly fascinated with finding a 'real pirate' after daddy told him we could see one at dinner to encourage him to get ready to go our last night.  hilarious.  We found this 'real pirate' for him to take his picture with.  I think he was unimpressed.  haha

glorious glorious beach vacation.  Thank you Matt for taking us- probably one of the only vacations we've taken in the past 4 years or more that was really restorative. relaxing. refreshing.  Thank you for giving us that time together- we love you.

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