Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Disney. the whole sha-bang.

We packed up our whole little family- Roo included- to head down to FL for a good ole family vacation.  My goodness was it just was we needed.  We had been looking forward to having some time away since Christmas basically.

Thankfully, my parents watched Roo for us while we went to Disney & the beach.  Can't thank you enough!! I know he was well cared for and spoiled.  I don't know if he wanted to come home with us! 

We drove in during the night- got a couple hours of sleep- and first thing, headed up to the character breakfast at the hotel.  How is this for the best way to start a Saturday morning??  Yes, two words: Mickey Waffle.

We got to see Goofy & Pluto at the breakfast.  Hayden was by far the most excited of us all, but James was a really good sport too.  He kept warming up to the characters as we saw more in the park- especially Winnie the Pooh & Tigger.

Hayden giving Pluto a kiss on the nose.  Yes, you're thinking, that's so gross.  Actually, they clean his nose with a sanitizer after he sees each kid if they touch it.  Made me feel much better (considering I wasn't actually aware he was kissing it when I was holding him & taking this photo at the same time).

Breakfast eaten.  We made our way to the park- which was a pretty big undertaking.  We made it onto the ferry to the Magic Kingdom and were pretty excited.  Loving the boat ride- the beautiful day- the excitement/bewilderment of our boys. haha

Luckily for us, just as we get in, we get to watch a parade.  Yes, Mickey and the whole crew of floats, dancers, etc all singing their way down Main street towards Cinderella's castle.  It was pretty fun actually- really set such a great mood for the kids.  again, luckily, no photos were taken of me dancing my way down the street.  haha

Our two + cousin Jack.  Prose boys on parade.

Cinderella's castle.  also known as Mickey's house by my 2 year old.  and- I got their t-shirts at Target.  Yes, clearance section.  Best ever.

Prince Charming Regal Carrousel.  'nough said.  ;-)  Jack & his daddy.

Hayden & his daddy.  This little guy held on all my himself- dad was just around for looks...

James- using his powers of deduction on some unknown phenomenon.  obviously something caught his eye.  This carrousel took.... determination?

Yes.  I put this one up.  Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride.

Casey Jr. Train ride- Hayden & daddy.

Waiting to see the Country Bear Jamboree.  The boys really liked the show, but honestly, it was the most depressing song selection of hill billy heart ache I've ever heard.  Had no idea that a jamboree was so self-loathsome.  am I being too harsh- one bear's song was specifically about seeing lots of blood everywhere.  The three little girl bears' song was about how none of the men they fancy like them back.  Not what I remember from when I was a kid.

Day 2: morning swim with daddy.  Our boy is getting to be a fish.

This time, family photo at the castle.

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin.  Somehow caught Aunt Natassja & Jack in the background... :-)

Swiss Family Treehouse.  Such a gem.

Enchanted Tiki Room- this one was pretty cool.  Hadn't ever seen it myself- or done most of these rides actually- but the birds sing and Hayden loved it.

Ah, magical Disney.  You have cast your spell on us.  What a wonderful time.  Thank you so much to Mimi & Papa for treating us to a Disney trip with Aunt Natassja, Uncle Mike, and Jack.  Great memories- such a fondness.  Both Hayden and James got Mickey Mouse 'dolls' as a gift when we arrived.  Seriously.  Hayden just laughs and laughs and tackles his Mickey, and James has allowed his Mickey to sleep in his bed and carries him about a bit.  He's proud of 'James' Mickey'.  But, truly, we had a great time with each other.  Thank you.

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