Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy 9 Months.

Happy 9 months old little guy.  This face you made while we were waiting to see your Dr. just made me laugh... such a little boy in so many ways.  but still such a sweet baby in so many ways- of which I am grateful.  soaking in all my baby that I can.

Soooo... our fella was 19 lbs. 10.5 oz and 28 in long.  Which makes him a bit of a little fella, 30-40%, with an 80% head.  The nurse was absolutely correct in her assessment: he's been doing a lot of thinking. ;-)

Yes, Hayden you are on.the.move!  You crawl all over the place- you don't let James get very far ahead of you these days... You pull up on everything and cruise and transition from different objects and stand ?!!?  Thankfully, the standing is still pretty much about a second at a time.  Your mommy is a bit amazed.

Here is my boy in his own 'hog heaven'.  Hayden- you are such a joy.  So sweet and so easy going.  But the BEST thing by far is how you hug my neck and tuck your head on my shoulder when I take you to bed.  Oh if that could last forever.  Can't.get.enough.  I just love you.

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