Wednesday, May 16, 2012

life lessons by Babar.

Some days, I am amazed by how many things happen.  tough things- things that I could let 'ruin' my day or steal my joy.  potty accidents.  crying.  toilets overflowing.  dirty dishes.  clean, no make that dirty, floors.  laundry done, no wait, one more potty accident.  crying.  and then a bug will fly in my eye when my contacts have been threatening to take my life already.

I was telling Matt about one of these days... and it is so easy to be completely overwhelmed by the chaos of it all.  But, its easy to forget all the precious, sweet moments of the day while the gross, crazy moments are very difficult to shake.

I took my boys shopping one day last week and James picked out a book of Babar as his 'treat' for the day.  (I'm such a sucker for books)  but they really did great- we had such a good time together- James minded so well, was so patient shopping, read Babar for over an hour while I tried on clothes- Hayden was the sweetest, most chill, happiest baby playing with his new rattle fish toy for the duration of our trip.  They let me walk them into chick-fil-a: one on the hip. one in the hand.  It felt like we conquered mountains, and enjoyed one another at the same time.  I am so thankful for the chance to write down the good before the bad is all I can remember- even now the bad of that day wants to make it onto the page- "feel my pain" it cries!!  all for what?  What do I gain by sharing all the bad?  But sharing the good, and being grateful for the time together, all of it, makes my heart feel lighter.

We got home and I finally got to read the Babar with James.  To summarize: one child falls over a cliff to be found.  one child chokes on a toy to be saved.  one child is almost eaten by an alligator to be rescued.  At the end of all that...

Thank you Lord for putting gentle reminders in my way... all sorts of places.  What a blessing it is to have my children, however hard.  I wouldn't know how to get along without them.

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