Wednesday, May 16, 2012

working hard.  playing hard.  eating hard.  ;-)  Hayden's first spaghetti dinner... yes, mommy didn't actually intend to hand it over to him = no bib.  But, he was so interested in the texture, and big bro didn't eat his at all.  So, Hayden got to try out his hand in the bowl of spagetti.  LOVE.  James in the bumbo, Hayden standing up playing the piano.... wait. haha

Hayden giving James a 'good night tackle'.  He is getting famous for those...  These boys are getting to be so much fun together.  We definitely have our moments of too many tears, jealousy, and selfishness- but the moments where James passes his bowl over to Hayden and says, "Hayden some??" or his sweet 'night night' kisses for Hayden or how they laugh and play together.  Hayden chases James up the stairs and everywhere else now.  James wants Hayden to get tucked in with him in bed & invites him up to his pillow forts sometimes.  haha, Hayden is caught in the pillow crossfire some, but he's happy to play with big bro even if it means some bumps.

James' motley crew includes: Thomas, pirate ship captain.  airplane, Percy, pirate parrot, cannon ball, more trains, airplane, fire truck, treasure map... all driving up the gang plank on an adventure I'm sure.

Oh, how could I forget Francesco & helicopter?  Love watching these boys playing these days. #1000gifts

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