Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We got to go camping with the Austin family this past weekend... and oh boy were my boys excited.  James started just saying, "Camping!" every now and then before we left, while we were driving, during the trip, on the way home - guess our little guy loved every minute.

We rented a camper so our nap schedules and bedtime would go a little smoother.  First night: really rough.  Second night: not so bad.  Third night: camping pros.  (haha, meaning the boys both slept without having to be in our bed, and through the night)

Hayden was cracking me up- after a long day of getting ourselves there and all set up, the boys were a little wired before bed.  Hence, the James-take-down by Hayden. :-)

James could not wait to see his Papa.  Mostly all he said on the way to the camp ground was, "camping!" & "Papa?"

Ah, Papa.

Ride Papa's bike??

Hayden was looking forward to some Grammy snuggles.  He was not disappointed.

Ole Roo went with us- he was in hog heaven all buried in leaves.  Can you say Camouflage?

When Madeline and Corrie arrived, James was totally excited.  This was him grabbing Madeline by the hand and saying... "Madeline come??"

Auntie Brie had to spoil my sweet girls with a fun new tee because I knew they would be 'happy campers' and my boy sure does love his George (so I thought they would too).  They were definitely 2 happy campers.

Here they are with my happy little camper.

And, last but not least, all four of the little campers.  Even Hayden had his own 'happy camper' onsie.

Oh my.  Both my boys & me.  Camping does the body good.

This just says: energy.  wow.

a nice walk with daddy/Uncle Matt.

Diggin' some rocks.

baby kisses for cousin Madeline.

We got to take a nice hike with the boys and take out both hiking packs for the first time.

Here we are: all four of us.

wrapping up our fun with snack time with Grammy.

baby snuggles with Auntie Christina.

Whew.  Made it home and had some snuggles.  Had a great time with our family- ate good food, sat around the fire, hung out in the rain, got to chat chat chat.  All around a nice weekend away in the woods.  Thanks everybody for coming.

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