Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring time.

Spring birds.  LOVE seeing the birds coming to the bird feeder we put out back.  James has even started talking about the birds going tweet tweet.  

Our farmers market is back- we went to buy our fresh veggies & fresh flowers.  aahhh I love fresh flowers.

My boys playing in the back yard.  spring time smiles and gardening.  My green thumb has been itchin'.

James helping daddy pull up some bricks in the yard... talk about a boy being happy.  He was running up to me telling me all about using his shovel to dig the dirt.  boy + + shovel + dirt = bliss.

Spring time, ring-i-ding-i-ding time. birds sing, hey ding. a ding a ding, a sweet lovers love, the Spring.
      -charlie & the chocolate factory

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