Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter bunny.

Went to visit the Easter bunnies at the Seedlings store in Tampa with cousin Jack & Aunt Natassja.  Hayden definitely had the best face of the day- hoping the photographer can zoom this one in of just little H so we can keep it as his first Easter shot.

Bunny in the basket- Surprise!  Joy!! ;-)

brother trying to be gentle with the bunny in the basket... meanwhile the bunny at the back fence was happy to have a diversion.

James was uninterested in the picture part of this experience. haha, who can blame him.  bunnies were waay more interesting.

but, he was a sweetheart and gave his baby brother a kiss.  Aunt Natassja got this one before we were told no photography- photographer's flash blinded this one out but it did turn out pretty cute from her  as well.

haha, wish we had some with you too Jack!! ah well, glad the Easter bunny comes every year.

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