Monday, April 9, 2012

in the car much?

mommy needed a coffee break.  sooo we pulled over and Grandpa was GRACIOUS to me and picked up a good old cup of joe.  Whew, does that take the edge off some days.

My view from the front seat.  Doesn't he look just angelic?  This was post-horrific potty accident #2 of our vaction and pre-just gross potty accident #whoknows when we got back.  Wow did I have my hands full on this trip- THANKFULLY we are back to normal these days and we don't pee pee in our pants very often.

laughter is the best medicine.

and if that doesn't work, then toes. haha

They really enjoyed being next to each other in the car.  cracked me up.  sweet boys holding hands.  The best was when they just laughed at each other for no reason.  They have a pretty similar laugh- which I have no idea where it came from- sort of a cackle is a sweet way.  ;-)  It must be genetic.

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