Monday, December 5, 2011

Proses see Biltmore.

It may sound crazy... but over Thanksgiving we all went to Biltmore for the day.  It really did work out much better than I imagined it.  No major tantrums from James.  No major blow outs from Hayden- just one minor blow out. haha  It was a beautiful day.  The house was decorated for Christmas which was awesome.  The cooks even create a model Biltmore House out of gingerbread for Christmas.  How cool is that??

James was excited when we arrived.  Can you tell??

Love the family photo. :-)

just love.

sweet baby owl hanging out with mom.  Found this hat over our Thanksgiving trip.  Thank you Mast General store of Waynesville, NC.

James seriously loves tractors.

Petting 'farm' on the property.  James loved chasing the chickens best and wasn't afraid of the horse at all.  This image he is saying... "no-nose" as he tries to stick his finger up the horse's nose. haha

By the time we got to our reservation to go see the house it was nap time.  James loved going on the tour. :-)

A great way to end a great Thanksgiving holiday.  Thanks Aunt Lisa and Uncle Gene for coordinating the effort and of course to the Proses for taking us all.  I don't think I would have been brave enough to try this without some good motivation, but the boys did great!!  Disney may be in our future... :-)

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