Monday, December 5, 2011

Just a few of my favorite things...

I love Christmas.  I love Christmas decorations.  I don't do a ton, but I thoroughly enjoy the beauty of the Christmas tree and the stockings over the fire place.  I love the smell of Christmas trees, and miss it because ours if a fake! :-)

But, I have a few very favorite things.  This year I am SO BLESSED to use my grandmother Momoo's Advent calendar.  I remember this from when I was a girl, and I LOVED IT.  I remember where it hung in her house.  I remember being so excited to take each of the little 'ornaments' out of the pocket each day to 'hang' via Velcro on the tree.  My Aunt Diane sent it to us last week, and as just a childhood memory, I laughed when it seemed smaller than I remember it.  Isn't that just crazy how big things seem in your memories as a kid??  But I love it.  I am so grateful to be the one who uses it!  My Mom said that it was made by my grandmother's Methodist Service League.  So crafty. :-)

Stockings.  We had our names put on our stockings this year.  We waited last year because we knew we were pregnant and of course didn't know what we would name our new little baby.  So this was our year to actually do our names.  and I love it.  We decided to go with 'Mom' and 'Dad' as opposed to our names for Matt and I.  We had a hard time deciding though- what a strange question.  What does Santa call you?? haha.

Love the tree.

My Nativity set.  Love the simplicity of this.  Love the emotion of the body language.

So excited to celebrate Christmas with my two little boys this year.  I'm already enjoying having my hot chocolate in the evening in my Christmas tree mug.  Ooh yes. :-)  Merry Christmas, everyone.

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