Monday, December 5, 2011

Have a holly jolly Christmas...

Matt took the boys and I on a Christmas surprise this past Sunday evening.  We had dressed our little guys in their Christmas plaid and khakis for church that morning, and it was perfect for our little trip to the Kanapolis 'North Pole' that evening!!

Get him big Hade!!

Merry Christmas. :-)

We got there just as the train rides were starting.  Our boy was beside himself he was so excited.

You may also notice his Thomas sticker on his jacket.  Thanks Grammie. :-)  These have been his reward every time he wakes up from his nap time or night time with no paci.  A winner winner.

Back to Kanapolis.  It was nice.  The little train took us through the little park to see all the light displays.  My favorite way to see Christmas lights to date.  So much more fun that just riding in your car.  The light tunnel was the best part!

They had a few little shows set up, and ole James was amazed by the gym'bear'ee with mechanized bears singing Christmas carols. haha.

Had to take our opportunity to see Santa.  James even says 'sa-ta' when he sees all different kinds of Santas around the house or in books.  He was pretty excited while we were waiting in line, but once he got up there, he didn't know what to do! haha.  Santa thought James was just about 3 years old, and was surprised to learn that he's not even 2!  Oh Santa, you made us proud of our big boy.

Home run Dada.  Perfect Christmas surprise.

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