Sunday, December 18, 2011

a little bit of Christmas cheer...

Our little family of 4 has celebrated our first Christmas together. :-)  We are planning to go to FL like we do every year, but this year we decided to open our gifts to each other here at home.  So much more practical versus hauling them all down and back again as well any gifts we received- but so much more fun for us to just have a little time to celebrate in the comfort of our own home.  So, in order to get a morning like we would on Christmas, we had to have it on Saturday.  Poor us.  Christmas is coming early, on time, and late for us this year as we are blessed to celebrate our Lord's birth with our 'whole big' family!

James didn't really know what was going on this particular morning.  He has been SO good about the tree and the gifts.  He hasn't tried to open anything, and the only trouble has been his love for some of the ornaments, haha.  One which too closely resembles a train has gone to live on his train table for the remainder of the holiday season. haha.

He's a smart boy and this year he figured the whole present thing out.  Stockings were an easy sell.

Little Hayden.  "... is this all for me??"  :-)

Really opening presents for the first time.  Last Christmas he was really too little, and first birthday was the same story.  But now... the paper flies!!  and no paper is left unripped... he even untied bows. haha

"... I love my football."

go for it James!!

Daddy's new hat and little Hayden.

yeah. can't get enough of this face.

or this one.  :-)  "CHEESE!!"

And for the grand finale, Monkey Bread!!  You're probably thinking, were did you get that, wait, you made that??  Is it edible? haha.  Yes, I made it. and yes, it was de-lish.  haha, I didn't even make any major mistakes.

James wasn't a very tough critic.  What a wonderful time we had together.  Thank you Matt for everything you helped us prepare and shop for- thank you boys for letting mommy get all excited and silly.  SO THANKFUL to have this time together.  May we thank our gracious Lord for His birth and for the hope and love that fills our lives here on earth.  Merry Christmas from the Proses.

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