Tuesday, December 13, 2011

23 months old.

My little buddies.  Little James tucked himself in next to Hayden one morning in our bed.  They are getting to be so cute together.

James and Addison chillin' watching some Sid.  So good to have a day to play!

Hayden and Cohen hangin' out under the play gym.  Exactly what little buds are supposed to do. :-)

My cooking buddy.  James has really loved getting up on the step stool and 'helping' me cook.  The oven mitt is his favorite accessory.  But will he wear the apron and mitt I bought him?? nope. :-)

So thankful for the sweet moments these days.  Gotta soak in my little 23 month old before he turns 2!!  Can't believe it.

Gettin' big like your buddies Grady and Olivia. :-)

Olivia showin' you how it's done.

James.  You are such a good boy.  I just love you.

and you love your trains. :-)

disclaimer: all scatter brained blog posts are the result of this sleep deprived mommy. haha

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