Monday, December 5, 2011

Juh James. Hay Hayden

oh James.  My sweet James has become such an awesome little boy.  There are so many things that make me proud of him.  His sweet way of sharing with others- even if it means melting down into sobs when he gives up something that he willingly parted with physically but not emotionally.  His precious words that are really starting to pour forth in a torrent of new words everyday.  Today's new word: wet.  Yes, he learned to say this one after pouring half a cup full of water down his shirt. haha.

My fella loves his trucks.  I think tractors are some of his favorite things in life.  He calls them "ta ta tac-tur."  He doesn't discriminate though when it comes to any kind of large motor vehicle.  He watched a school bus drive by this afternoon and he erupted in "BUS!!! BUS!!!" at the top of his lungs.  He is a boy who loves life and rarely stops going going all day long.  But, he is learning to listen more and more- and he surprises me more often than I even remember.

I think the challenge of discipline is really starting now.  I have to ask for more patience on a daily basis, but seeing him respond and thrive under the discipline that comes from us out of love and patience has been a great motivation.  Oh if we can continue to ask our Lord for the grace to raise our son well.  James, we desire that you grow up to be a disciplined man who has a love and respect for his parents and family and others.  Forgive us for when we fail, and one day I hope we can see our prayers answered.

One more big congrats goes out to our boy James for giving up his pacifier.  Long time coming, but soo glad this day has come!! Way to go buddy. :-)

Hay Hayden.  Can't forget our little fella.  Not sleeping as well as I would hope at this age, but we are working on it.  Seems like I forgot how quickly things change while he's a tiny baby- as soon as we get things scheduled, he hits a growth spurt or we go out of town or we get another cold.  Ah, c'est la vie.

Little fella has used his last size 2 diapers. crazy!! It seems crazy that Hayden is now wearing a size 3 and James is wearing a size 4.  haha. wow.  More on Hayden to come...

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