Friday, December 16, 2011

Madeline is 4!!

Our sweet Madeline-y is 4 years old now- cannot believe it.  What's amazing is she was two when my James was born, and now he's gonna be two.  Talk about blowing my mind.  Makes me want to look up the pics of when they first met.  Gosh she doesn't seem like she's changed that much, I'm sure because her personality has been her bright shining trait since before she was even two!!  To me, its even hard to imagine turning the clock back.  I'm so thankful for my 'blog scrap book' that I'm doing every year.  I highly recommend it for anyone else out there who is not a scrap booker.  Love looking back over the year and reminiscing.  but I digress... Madeline is 4!!

Check out the birthday girl holding her baby cousin Hayden.  She's such a big girl now.  Ah, I really have to put up a pic of the little girls holding James now that has flashing into my mind... if only I had more time. haha.

Lovin' playing with Aunt Darcy-  We may call you 'Auntie Dar' or something like that soon enough when James can actually say your name. :-)  Love the dimples!!

James got to tag along to Madeline's gymnastic class.  He wanted to go join in SO badly! haha, it was precious.  Gymnastics envy.

Oh Monkey Joe's.  James just wanted to do what all the 'big' kids were doing, and thankfully they took an interest in the one play area that he could actually really do everything and enjoy.  It was so cool to see them playing together!! Here's to cousins and growing up together as much as we can. :-)

Sweet Corrie wanted to see how baby Hayden was doing.  Love it.  Hayden, "Is that me??"

more running...

Ahhh, queen for a day.  Tiara and all.  Love you Madeline.  Your throne was pretty cool, and your Princess Castle Cake (way to go Josh/Dar) obviously was de-lish.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADELINE!!  We love your new dress- so glad you do too!!

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