Sunday, August 28, 2011

took 'ole Hayden up to see the mountains.

We love Boone, NC.  We miss living closer to Boone because we used to go often.  I personally CAN'T wait for the Fall to go up and see the leaves.  and hike Grandfather Mountain with my boys.  Can.not.wait.

We had such a great afternoon together.  The weather was cooler, and James ran all over this little park where we got some pictures of our new little family.  Check out our two goofy boys.  James was wearing his new tennis shoes, and boy did he ever break them in.  He was ready to go, go, go!

darn if our camera didn't have a smudge on the lens.  I blame having a toddler for that, haha.  But the pictures I think capture our spirit for the day.  love them.

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