Monday, August 8, 2011

so many more pictures to share...

Our time in the hospital after Hayden's birth was actually pretty sweet.  Aside from all the strangeness that just seemed to surround CMC as a general rule, when we were all by ourselves or just with family, we had a really nice time.

It was so nice to have my Dad there to take some great pictures of our new little family.  I REALLY wouldn't trade these for the world.  It almost made me cry to see James so ready to give Hayden kisses and little 'snuggle' that you see below with his head! haha, what a sweet boy we have.

I LOVE this picture.

precious little (big!) feet :-)

We were so blessed to see our dear friends Kelly and Anna Kate in the hospital as well as Meredith and Grady who came the next morning (sorry- picture to come!).  James was so proud to show off his baby brother, but more importantly wanted to play cars with AK.  haha, boys.  She, on the other hand, liked Hayden more than cars.  But, didn't want her mommy to hold him though!  Soon enough AK, the time may come to share your mommy!  Isn't she just precious though??

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