Tuesday, August 16, 2011

3 weeks old??

Oh Hayden, trying to juggle learning how to take care of you and James with keeping our home and house running has left me with very little time to take your picture.  I promise I will keep trying to do better, but nonetheless, we are LOVING you.  We have had some sweet group hugs...

August 4, 2011

... We have had one fun counter top bath to keep you clean while protecting your sweet belly button.  Your first baby bath tub time was quite the adventure as well.  Mommy and Daddy thought about trying to put your tub in the big tub with James and then decided otherwise.  :-)  Your big brother likes to splash just a little too much, but soon enough you will be in there with him.

For now you are my sweet, tiny fella (despite the obvious discrepancy of your size comparatively to others your same age... haha Mr. 95%)

August 4, 2011

Here we are.  Mommy actually got out the camera to take your picture while your big brother was napping.  It is so funny how different you look in person vs. the digital image.  Your widow peak isn't that prominent in person I don't think, and your hair looks more brown- honestly this photo makes it look kinda redish to me!  I do think your skin tone is looking more like your big bro's and less dark/red every day. 

August 15, 2011

We are LOVING you little boy.  Despite our sleep deprivation. :-)  We are looking forward to getting to know you as you keep growing.  You are sweet, sweet.  and SO handsome.  Definitely get that from your Daddy...

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  1. Brie, He's so precious. I wish you lots of hours of good sleep!