Tuesday, August 23, 2011

my boys make me laugh.

These past few days we have had some sweet moments with our boys.  Our big helper, James, doing anything and everything that we do.  He loves being there in the action.  My two favorite moments this week: James trying to help weed out the ivy in our backyard with Matt and I. hilarious.  James trying to help me mop the floor today. what a Prose boy- can't let mommy do it without offering just a little help. :-)

Check him out in his gators hat.  He put it on himself.

We went to Steak 'N Shake after a trip to the Babies R Us for diapers and wipes.  Check out our buddy enjoying some of daddy's vanilla milkshake. cracked me up.  He loved the hat! (to pieces, literally).

Our little guy was practicing his tough guy face in the car.  He looks so different when he's holding up his head and his eyes are open.  I said when he was born he almost reminds me of a teenager with a buzz cut. :-)  my little bruiser.  ps. the rolls on the arm are pretty intimidating too! haha.

Just kidding. Just a softy at heart. :-)  Love you Hayden.

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