Monday, August 29, 2011

if James were going to be on Peanuts, he's be Linus...

to start: I must show this adorable shot of Hayden with his buddy Cohen.  5 weeks apart.  Our sweet little cubby wubbies!  all cheek...

James.  My little Linus.  all the ladies love his piano playing skills.  (which involve banging on the piano).  not pictured below, my buddy carrying around his blue blanket 'boo boo'.  yes, Linus.  At least that is better than when he resembles the character on Peanuts who resides in a cloud of dirt... haha.  I choose Linus any day.

Did I say that Addison loved his piano skills?  except for the fact that she can actually play piano keys one at a time- now that is piano skills at 20 months old!!

Did we teach them this? no.  Did we coach them, or encourage them to do this?? no.  I'm serious, they came up with it on their own- we had to encourage them to stop! haha.

sing me a song, piano man. :-)

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