Friday, October 8, 2010

Let me go back...

My boy.  I love this picture.

The view from where I sit.

This was James' first time to the playground just around the block from Grammie and Papa's house in FL, and his first time in this big boy swing!!  He did great and boy did he love watching the big kids swing.  He actually didn't even really care about swinging himself, haha.  Such a people watcher like his mom and dad.

This one is for Auntie Christina.  Reach for it James!! Yeah, yeah!

Matt and I have been discussing 'baby talk' vs. real first words lately because James repeated Matt the other day in the car.  He said say 'Momma' and James said something like 'Momum'.  Then he switched to say 'Dada' and James followed up with 'dada'.  But, he won't do it anymore. Yet I guess.  So, what was your kid's first word?  Do some of ya'll count 'Momum' and 'Dada' as a combo first word??  I'm really interested to know.  Thanks!!

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