Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Grandpa drives an airboat.

My dad loves to 'hunt the dragon' as he likes to call his gator hunting expeditions, and what kind of boat do you need to go gator hunting?  An air boat.  This isn't like the show 'Swamp People' where they ride out in their john boat and bait catch the gators.  This is stalk them at night, in the swamp, on an giant air boat, shoot them with a bow and a line, tow them back to the boat (still alive at this point), shoot them with a bang stick (hopefully now dead), then pull them in the boat (really hope its dead).

Now me, I think of air boats as part of the movie, The Rescuers.  The air boat in that was was way more akin to the 'Swamp People' type bayou experience. haha

No, thankfully my boy just sat on the airboat with his Papa. :-)  It made for some pretty pictures, and that makes one momma happy happy.

Safety first...

I feel the power!!

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