Thursday, October 21, 2010

Think Pink

My friend Meredith and I ran the Susan G. Komen 5k Race for a Cure last Saturday, and it was a perfect day for a race!!  It is a great cause, and the weather was awesome.  The downside: there were thousands of people there and it wasn't organized well at all.  I've never been to a race where I had to stand in 4 lines to pick up my race bib, my timing chip, and my t-shirt.  You heard right, 4 lines.  Anyways, I tried not to be a negative nancy about not even hearing the instructions for the race until the gun went off and people started moving.  haha, talk about a race to remember.  No time to be nervous!

Meredith and I at the start/finish line. :-)

My biggest fan cheering me on.  Love it.  Yes, this race actually ran past our house twice!!  How could I not participate?  It was kind of awesome; except for the fact that our house in on a monstrous hill.  All in all my goal was to come in under 30 min, and I came in right at 30:01 (I'm almost sure).  So, I call that success.  Not a bad improvement over April's 5k Fools for Fitness!  I had to walk a couple times in that one.

Yes, my boy is wearing a camo hat with his Gator track suit over his pjs.  :-)  My husband is the bomb.

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