Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Playdates. Say hello to my little friends...

James has had so much fun this past week having friends over for little playdates.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself too; it is pretty fun to take a break from housework or the regular errands to have some adult conversation and another baby to entertain you and yours.  Always welcome!

James and Addison.  I just love her name!! I keep meeting all these little girls whose names I adore, and of course, we always joke about how they must be 'meant to be'.  Let's just get one thing out in the open: I may joke about my boy and his little girlfriends, but by golly, he'll know how to treat a lady.  None of this lots of girlfriends stuff.  I have confidence his Daddy will handle that.

Of course, let me just openly embrace the fact that it will be out of my hands I'm sure.  Lots of prayer needed. :-)  Overly protective mom?? Hopefully I will grow up as my boy does too.

Addison makes this hilarious face with her tongue out of her mouth like this.  It cracked me up!  What a little cheeser.

James got to hang out with Josiah this past week too.  Now, this one was more of a learning experience for James.  Josiah may still be bigger than James, and he may not be!  They are getting to be about the same size these days, but Josiah is definitely the most active of all James' friends and the ONLY boy!!  So these two roughed it out.  Started off with a slap to the face and chased each other through the house. By the end of the night Josiah had taught James to wave.  Too much fun.  He'll be back to go trick-or-treating with us!! :-)

Best toy in my house: dog kennel. Still reigns #1.  Look at these two: nobody had to teach them how to play 'king of the mountain.'  Josiah, you are too much fun.

 Boys will be boys.  Sidenote: we laughed about how they were dressed alike.  Almost like two little convicts when you add in the dog kennel. haha.  Thankfully, James is more polite with all his little girlfriends. :-)

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