Thursday, October 21, 2010

a little overdue. 9 Months!!!

 So, I'm a slacker and wanted to catch up the blog with some other pictures before I set in to put together James' 9 month pictures.  (Actually, its probably that I've taken too many pictures, if that's possible.  I really don't put him in this outfit everyday.  Just he turned 9 months and had 2 playdates on the same day. whatev.)  He was SO HARD to photograph!  He literally almost fell off the couch I had been taking his picture on about 4 times.  Close calls: 2.  Had it under control: 2.  Hopefully I will get better when he can stand?? Does that sound crazy? haha.  Maybe just wishful thinking.  One of my favorites was a blur, but hey, I got a couple to represent anyway.

I really am getting more excited about his first birthday.  The older he's getting, the more I'm hoping to count my blessings because the time is going so fast.  He makes me want to have more! More babies isn't a bad idea. :-)

Big boy on his tippy toes!  Thankfully, he loves this part of the stairs at the bottom and not climbing the stairs themselves.  I know that day will come, but I'm enjoying not having the battle right now!

Just a little love from James. :-)

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