Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spur of the moment

Matt and I decided to take James to FLA for the weekend last minute. By last minute, I mean we decided to go in the evening, and picked up and went the next day. It was so nice to just go and do nothing. By nothing, I mean we didn't make any plans. We just spent the whole day at the Proses and spent the next whole day at the Austins. It almost felt as restful as a vacation, some kind of lovely holiday. We were fed, didn't have to cook or clean up, and played with James the whole day. By far the most restful trip to Florida we've taken since James was born.

We got some cute pictures of James playing at his grandparents' houses. He loves them all, and gets so excited when he sees them now which is so cute. He's a lucky boy to have grandparents who drop everything when he comes to town to just hang out with him all day.

Mimi and Grandpa Prose. Crawling and trying to handle the monkey on his back. A sweet gift that he loves from our friends in Hickory the Greenes.

Grammie and Papa Austin. Getting gator hunting lessons from his Papa. His toy gator was a gift from Matt's Aunt Lisa and honestly, every toy he plays with now was a gift. How awesome is it that we have been given so many things for James. I was taken back the other day at how blessed we are. I really can't thank everyone enough individually for what you've given our family.

James really liked Riley the Proses' springer spaniel. You can kind of tell. Poor Riley, look at that face. I'm pretty sure it says, 'help me. I'm terrified.'

We got this outfit as a baby gift from two of my girlfriends in Orange Park (thanks Margaretta and Heather :-) I personally LOVE it. It cracks me up that he has a cute little dog on his butt.

James loved swimming in his whale baby pool. You could say he had a 'whale' of a good time. haha. His favorite part was chasing his little squirting fishes around the pool. He was having a hard time understanding why they weren't staying still. :-)

Love my fishy.

We also got to see our awesome friends the Pawlesses who are expecting their first son in the next month!! We haven't seen them since they've been pregnant, and they hadn't had an opportunity to meet James, so it was a really great time. We love ya'll!! And we are SO excited to meet baby Reid when we get a chance. We can't wait for our boys to play and be friends too.

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