Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'm not a fan of Arugula

To celebrate James' 7 month mark, I cooked up a new recipe that called for serving the meal with Arugula lettuce as a side/garnish for the plate. Man, I am not a fan. Way to much of a nutty, bitter taste for me. I'm going to have to cook it to eat it I think.

James is 7 months old!! Matt and I can't believe it's gone by so fast, but James is growing up before our eyes. I know I've said before it's bitter sweet to see how he's not really a baby anymore, and becoming his own little person more everyday. It really is awesome to see his learn new things, but I tell ya, his seventh month was crazy. He learned to crawl with his belly off the floor (army crawling vs. real crawling), then it took him 3 whole days to learn to pull up. Now, he's really starting to try cruising (basically walking using furniture as a balance beam). He'll pull up on our ottoman and just launch himself towards the couch. The balance needs some work. :-) He also started finger foods this past month, so he's eating Cheerios now. We LOVE being able to sit down at dinner and have him with us in his high chair eating cheerios. Happy as a clam. It seems almost like the countdown is over and the rocket in lifting off. Those of you with 1, 2 or 3 year olds are probably shaking you heads thinking, you just wait. haha Yes, I know, warp speed is coming soon!

We did get some cute pictures of James in the park across from our house. It was the first time we'd tried to go out there for pictures, and honestly, it was nice except for the teen hooligans who were smoking and peeing in the bushes. yes, I said peeing. Thankfully, James was none the wiser, and we've had yet another heart-to-heart about how he's not going to act when he gets older. And yes, I know, you mothers who've had teens are shaking your heads saying you just wait. I'm a dreamer; I'm a believer. :-)

Happy 7 Months James! Your daddy and I are so happy to have you in our family. We love you so much.

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