Wednesday, August 18, 2010


In case you were looking for a good place to have barbeque in NC, I would have to say that my favorite is Woodlands in Blowing Rock, NC. WOW, it is perfect because:
a) the food is awesome
b) they have live music every time we go
c) it feels like a small town place
d) you CAN'T beat the scenic drive to Blowing Rock from Hickory
e) all of the above.

The answer is obvious, and that multiple choice was for all my teacher friends who are starting school this week. :-)

James had peaches because he's still too little for BBQ, but one day. yes, the day is coming sooner than I'm even ready for. and yes, he's sitting up in his own high chair at restaurants now. It is soo nice to be able to take him out and give him cheerios while we eat. Even if he makes a mess, and we have to clean it up.

Speaking of school, I miss it! A friend said to me this week, if you can think back on all the good and all the bad and still miss it, then you really know it's your calling. Well, I can definitely say that I'm thankful for the opportunity to be home with my son. I really can't imagine leaving him, and honestly, I can't imagine doing a good job at school because I wouldn't be able to dedicate the time I used to. Really, it is a HUGE blessing to not be torn between the two, and hopefully, to be able to return to teaching when I can dedicate the time and effort needed to meet my own expectations and standards. I had a dream about school last night, that I was going back, but here in a new place. It was horrible!! So glad to wake up to my baby boy. But I know that Matt is disappointed that I won't be asking him to prom this year. :-) haha (ps. we've chaperoned 2, I've chaperoned 3, in our 4 years of marriage.)

one last thing: we saw a sign for barbeque in a small town we were driving through here in NC, and the sign said - Bar-B-Q - now, it is really effective to eliminate 3 letters for an abbreviation?? I mean, I get BBQ, because that's a significantly shorter word, but really?? haha

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