Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More 7 Months...

We took quite a few pictures out in the park for James' 7 Month mark, and I finally have a chance to put up some more favorites. The problem with taking a TON of pictures, is then having to go through them all to figure out which of them are any good. And it is kind of hard to delete the pictures that aren't any good because they are of your kid. I'm getting better at it though, and trying to save just the ones that show something worthwhile. Still pretty hard though, haha.

This one is the best success I've had at getting a picture of him on his knees. He's so fast that the moment is gone before I even have chance!

Hands and Feet...

Big boy hanging out with Daddy

I just LOVE this face. He cracks me up.

I can't wait to see the pictures we had taken at Orange Cat Photography this past Monday!! In my own mind I have a good idea they will be awesome, (how could they not be when my little boy is in the picture!!) but I also have a good idea that Dana will blow my mind! haha, if you need a local photographer, you should know who to call. And if you didn't get the hint, it's Dana. :-) I will have the pleasure of posting some of them when they are ready!! I'm sure you're waiting with bated breath like I am...

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