Wednesday, August 1, 2012

so long, farewell, alveterzane, adieu.

Oh, our last days in Charlotte.  Mommy sought hard after some peace in the midst- journal. Loving the little years.  One Thousand Gifts.  Coffee.  Baby monitor.  Thomas the train.

Last date night with the Sigmons.  We will miss ya'll.  Best of luck with the new dental practice- woohoo!

Last Charlotte Craigslist find: antique high chair.  LOVE.  (disclaimer: this chair contains no plastic crevices for which food will inevitably become entrenched.  thank goodness)  Plans for this chair include: painting it... blue?

Hayden's 1st Birthday & Party.  Matt's birthday which he so graciously shared for celebrating his baby boy's big day.  ;-)

Decorating: James was helping me put up the growth chart for Hayden & had to measure himself as well.  It did make our last week in town a little happier with our fun Hungry Caterpillar decorations up.

Matt & I had our last date night out in town.  Taste of Charlotte week was soooo good to us.  We'll miss you Queen City.

 My little day dreamer.  Caught him hangin' out staring out the window in our playroom.  What a great view it had.

Encouragement: no matter what.

My boy is silly.  "that's funny mommy, that's funny"

Kinda how we felt during these last few days... haha.  ;-)

My guys.  always worth it.

Good bye Charlotte, Hello Jacksonville.

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