Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just a few things about CLT...

Just thinking of our house in Charlotte as I upload pictures for the first time since our move...

I so loved seeing the sun set through the window from our bedroom - the huge, old trees - just the perfect light.  peaceful, beautiful.  counted as blessing.

My dish rack.  Happily, it has been thrown away.  I actually am a better person for having washed all our dishes for around 14 months of our life (including the whole first year of Hayden's!).  Oddly enough, counted as blessing.

Hayden's 1 year old appt.  He hit a major growth spurt - 23 lbs 14.5 oz! wow.  Couldn't believe it- although my arms being sore lately makes more sense...  James wanted to have a check up too.  So he sat up with little Hayden on the big table, when he wasn't racing back and forth across our little room.  "ready, set, GO!" or trying to measure himself with the yard stick - which isn't tall enough to measure him anymore!  Wow, again.  He's over 36 in - maybe 37, 37.5?

The views of the city from different places around town.  Such a cool thing to see the skyline and really come to love its beauty.  Who gives the talent to create things like this... definitely only the Lord's inspiration and gifting.  I mean seriously though, wow.  It is an amazing thing, and it does have its own unique majesty.

My boys holding hands.  James makes me laugh when he does this - as inconvenient as it always is - "I sit by Hayden Mommy"  Bummer to have to sit in your seat with the seat belt.  ;-)  But, again, taking a minute to enjoy their relationship, to notice it, counted as blessing.

This journey feels long - I think sometimes life feels that way.   very long road ahead to where we think we're going.  Funny how God's plans are always better than ours, isn't it?

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