Monday, August 20, 2012


Aunt Natassja- you were so sweet to surprise my little Hayden (&me&james!) with a sweet hungry caterpillar party when we came for a play date.  You do love your little surprises... ;-)

Sometimes, birthdays can come with expectations. pressure. desire to impress.  But, this year, the Lord has blessed me with so much peace.

The birthday party wasn't about me- it was about celebrating. him.

Sometimes I'm surprised - how much I am distracted from the true reason to celebrate.  I thank God that I have my boy - that we can celebrate a year of his life.  because it might not be so.

What a precious face.

The sweetness of a simple gift, enjoyed.

The gift of time together.

The gift of laughter.  and little 'half moons' when my boys pants fall down... ;-)

The gift of help.  a hand reaching out to help carry the load. sometimes, literally.

The gift of family.  memories growing up together.

The gift of love for each other - the pure joy that shows so clearly in such a precious vessel.

The gift of fellowship.  Let's sit down together... and I'll show you the birds.

The gift.  three little Prose boys.  So grateful to have the opportunity to celebrate together.  Thank you Aunt (na)Tasha!!  Thankful for you & looking forward to many more play dates...

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