Monday, August 27, 2012

Neither here nor there

So far being neither here nor there hasn't been so bad.  We've had the chance to hang out at Grammy & Papa's on 'extended holiday'.  We're getting pretty spoiled having the pool to play in- Grammy's cooking & all the snacks she buys- lots of movies & snuggle time with all our rainy days- and mommy has splurged on getting some new trains since we didn't bring any with us

the combo of heat & rain has sent us to the indoor playgrounds more often than outdoor & the BN train table as well.  Little Hayden's favorite spot is climbing up the slide at CFA- even though mommy doesn't approve of this idea.  He waits for his moment... ;-)


We did get a dinner date with Mimi & Grandpa & Uncle Mike, Aunt Natassja & Jack.  Sonny's is our new (old) favorite place.  My boys love their food.

Sharing a room as been a unique challenge: my sincere kudos to those of you who do it all the time!  I'm so looking forward to splitting them up just for sleep reasons, but as you see below, they have had quite the time.  Here James is standing on the outside of the crib and Hayden is touching his face I believe....

 Old Roosevelt has been living the life.  He's regaining some much needed affection in the family, and honestly, I've been really convinced that I haven't given him all the attention that he needs & deserves as a member of the family.  No more - he's not un-banned from the couch.  Grammy&Papa he thanks you.

 Looking forward to being 'here' or 'there' sometime soon...

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