Monday, August 27, 2012

New {old} friends

I'm so looking forward to my boys having some regular playmates again.  It feels like they should already know these precious little girls because I adore their mommy.  Definitely something I'm missing/looking forward to these days...

I love how sweet their little hugs are.  My boy, mr. shy hugger, then asks to give her a kiss but his mommy put a stop to that one... haha.  He was obviously sweet on her already.

How adorable is this new {old} friend?  I love his hair do- his mommy & I were pregnant together with these two boys, and I am indebted to them for giving me a place to stay in OP after we had already moved out of our house but I was still teaching for a couple weeks.  You guys were so generous & I love ya. ;-)

What a cutie!! 4 months apart & soon-to-be buddies.

Little bro wants to be in on all the action.  haha, he's not gonna let himself be left out!

Can't wait for more new {old} friends as we get settled in OP!

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