Sunday, January 8, 2012

so much to blog and so little time...

My goal (one of TOO many) lately has been to get the blog caught up through the end of December after we got back in town just under a week ago- and it has been such a challenge.  I am soo ready to flip back through my 2011 book and just reminisce; I feel like 2012 has been waiting to start in my own mind because I haven't bid farewell to 2011 yet!

aah, so here I am wanting to blog about so many of our sweet times over Christmas and just not having the opportunity to do so.  But, as life marches on without me or my blog, haha, I am just going to have to accept my own short comings in some areas.  and for right now, the blog is one of them.  Did I mention our Christmas tree is still up??  just have to laugh.

At least my little Santa baby makes in it the book this year.  Hope your 1st Christmas was absolutely wonderful Hayden.  We LOVED having you with us to celebrate.

So long 2011, welcome 2012!!  Can't believe you're here already.

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