Sunday, January 8, 2012

the dilema.

To blog or to sleep?? THAT is the question.  haha, I laugh because these days it seems that my choices for
'me' time include personal hygiene and sleep, and if any other activity is introduced, one of those must be sacrificed.  Luckily for those of you who see me often, I do most often sacrifice just a little sleep when I am blessed with some extra energy like this evening...

So some Christmas memories. You will have to indulge my tardiness of these posts; and they may keep coming. haha.  Without further ado... A little bit of naughty and nice.  or as I like to call it, ornery.

The photographer behind this lense: Matt Prose.  Never a dull moment.

Prose boys at their finest.  All our family gatherings have some images where these things happen, and usually they are not photo worthy, but I decided this time, they are. :-) haha.

James' first tricycle!! :-)

a little more ornery... "try it on! try it on!"

James literally held still for about 2 seconds.  I could not believe that he's starting to say cheese and smile for the camera!!  Now we just gotta work on the duration...

Merry Christmas Hayden- 1st Christmas!!  You did so well opening all your gifts; it actually surprised us!  We didn't think you'd be into it at all, but you were totally.  Even the clothes! haha.  What a sweet fella you are and we just adore you.  So does the rest of the family too. :-)

There's a smile... My boys and me. :-)

Our matchy outfits for the three little Prose boys- They looked soo cute together!  Too bad they aren't sitting for pictures these days... oh the outakes!  Best group shot right here.

Too cute.

Dimples. :-)

"oooo What did I get??"

aahh. could just eat him up.

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